Kurt Rathmann is a Serial Entrepreneur, Cloud Accounting Pioneer, Small Business Advisor, and Technology Futurist.

Kurt Rathmann


Kurt Rathmann had a vision from an early age that he would become an entrepreneur. That vision, fueled by his passion for helping others, is shared here in his blog.


Kurt Rathmann is an accomplished serial entrepreneur who also is a trusted advisor for small businesses. He has a proven track record when it comes to scaling businesses, fueled by a passion for creating and maintaining…


Kurt Rathmann’s passion for entrepreneurship and the art of creating a successful workplace culture has attracted the interest of countless journalists and publishers, who have sought to share his unique and compelling insights…

Personal Details

Kurt Rathmann grew up in Houston, where much of his family still resides. In high school, Kurt started multiple business, which was a harbinger of things to come.
Rathmann’s in Jackson Hole WY
Rathmann’s in Sedona AZ
Rathmann’s in Austin TX