Personal Details

Kurt Rathmann grew up in Houston, where much of his family still resides. He went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin, where he successfully earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance/Accounting and then a Master’s Degree in Professional Accounting.

Once out of college, Kurt moved to Denver, Colorado, where he met his wife and spent time snowboarding on the weekends. Shortly thereafter, he re-engaged his passion as an entrepreneur and moved back to Austin, TX to start ScaleFactor.

Today, Kurt lives with his wife, infant son, and pug puppy in Austin. Aside from his work as an entrepreneur, advisor, and angel, Kurt is active with the Austin Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Over the past summer, Kurt discovered a new hobby that blends in with his desire to see the world and meet new people: RVing.

Rathmanns fishing

Kurt and his wife fishing

Kurt and his family on the open road in White Sands National Park